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Q: As a business owner what is your greatest need?

A: You want to grow and earn more money efficiently.

Q: What is your greatest frustration? 

A: All your efforts, time and money are wasted with little to no results.

Is this your business?

Q: What are businesses thinking?

A: We have tried traditional marketing without much success, so we have to try something different and hope for better results.

Get off the hamster wheel!

How can you do what every other business is doing and expect results?

Break the mold by doing something the competition is NOT doing.

• Traditional marketing focuses on your branding.

• Social media marketing services focus on likes and contests.

Branding, likes, and contests get you recognition but when was the last time a “like” put money in your pocket? The Three Horsemen approach is unlike anything you have seen or heard! Receive a custom designed and cost effective plan to grow your business.

Get a holistic view of your entire business operations and come up with an effective monthly marketing service plan. 


Discover all we can do!

Buinesses can count on us for all services needed to grow • Operations analyst • Marketing strategy • Effective media cloud placement • Event planning • Communication management • Videography PhotographyWeb Development • Graphic design • Creative writing


Suzanne Dwyer

Executive Marketing & Certified Life Coach

Suzanne Dwyer is the Productive Business Development Coach. With experience in marketing and business development since the year 2000. Suzanne can help your business grow and flourish. She focuses on the main three facets of your company, Business Structure, Sales and Marketing. She then helps create a plan in each of these fields for our team to implement, while also empowering you as a business owner to make necessary changes to increase revenues.

Mike Schiemer

Social Media Expert

We specialize in content and imagery that focuses on brand identity into irresistible, razor sharp clarity.
Turn your online presense into a TV show the right way! Our videos are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. They grab the viewer’s attention, and studies prove that they produce a much higher retaining rate. In addition, we get our videos listed higher with search engine optimization. 

Shawn Mills

Videographer / Photographer

Shawn founded his company back in 1993. He specializes in videography, photography and design. He lives in Somerset, with his wife and three kids. The satisfaction of knowing he is fair and genuine with his clients, allows him to confidently rest his head at night. This isn't just a business to him.

John R. Fornoff
Graphic Designer

John - based in Somerset - started as a freelance graphic designer in 2008 while attending the University of Michigan, creating event posters and t-shirts for various student organizations. Since then, he's helped small businesses and non-profits improve their brand recognition by designing quality custom logos, brochures, and other promotional materials. John's design is often inspired by his personal interests: travel, architecture, and the Olympic Games.

App Developers

Our large development team can create any number of applications that will help you to communicate and maintain a positive relationship with customers and clients. We empower your data and leverage technology to make your data work for you.

Rich Couse

creative writer/editor

Rich- born and raised in Massachusetts, Rich is a creative writer/editor who specializes in content and imagery that focuses brand identity into irresistible, razor sharp clarity. He has been a private investigator, grant writer, musician, mentor, wildlife photographer and a biologist. He has climbed in the Swiss Alps, survived being stranded in the Sonoran desert and lived with Native Americans on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. He now lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands where he advocates for endangered wildlife and habitats through research, stewardship, education, photography, art and the written word.

Kent Fuller

Web Developer

Kent is a web developer in Mystic, CT. He started designing websites as a college hobby in 2003 and has self-taught his way to a full-time freelancing career. His strengths also include internet marketing and hosting/domain accounts. Kent's priority is ensuring customer satisfaction through solidifying a strong online presence for the client's business.

John Maciel


John lives in Fairhaven, MA with his wife and two boys. Experienced, versatile photographer and videographer with an eye for unique photography of all kinds. John enjoys providing high quality images that often exceed the clients expectations.

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